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Helsinki Design Week

Helsinki Design Week is a 10-day event and the most outstanding design festival in the Nordic Countries.

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Helsinki Festival

Helsinki Festival is an admirable multi-arts festival in the Nordic countries. The event takes place all across the city of Helsinki and broadens the cultural fabric in theatre, circus, dance, music, visual arts amongst other forms of creativity.

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World Village Festival

World Village Festival brings cultures together from all over the world to meet in the centre of Helsinki. The event is among the biggest festivals in Northern Europe, and offers world views, as well as music, circus, dance, theatre, art and food.

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Roskilde Festival Graffiti

Each year over hundred of international and Danish volunteer graffiti artists come together to create one kilometer of world class graffiti and other art engaging venues for the festivalgoers at Roskilde Festival.

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Søndagsvenner (Friends of Sundays) is an event where the audience is participant rather than spectator. The event take place on Sundays only during summertime at Refshale island, an former industrial site in the harbor of Copenhagen.

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Oslo Open

Oslo Open gives the possibility to explore contemporary art in the artists ateliers. We introduce to a few selected artists we have met in their studios to see their works.

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