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The short film Meeting Soren Solkaer introduces to the mesmerising artistic career of acclaimed Danish portrait photographer Søren Solkær (Soren Solkaer). In a dialogue with a narrator, he reveals his story from the beginnings as a student of photography through to a career as a portrait photographer responsible for iconic images of the most influential musicians, actor and directors of our times. Even though he is famous for his distinctive portraits of musicians, he often points his camera at ordinary people or abstract forms. No matter what the subject, Solkaer always manages to create a tension between intimacy and edginess, through not trying to create an idealistic image, but a portrait of the person behind the icon. Producing such meaningful photography requires a special approach. The secret of Solkaer’s work lies in his biography full of eventful journeys and numerous encounters with masters of arts and spiritually uplifted people. Over the years, Søren has developed a personal style, recognisable for the creation of form, and his use of hue and light. He fascinates a worldwide audience with the absorbing magnetism of his works. This is a result of the dynamic relation between Solkaer and his subject. To look through the facade, to capture the true soul – this is attained through what Solkaer calls the ‚meeting’.

Meeting Soren Solkaer is pending to be released on international film festivals.

Photography and fragments of "Beat City" music video were used thanks to courtesy of Søren Solkær.
Music used thanks to the courtesy of Crunchy Frog Recordings. "Beat City" by The Raveonettes. More info on